Friday, June 3, 2016

Been a while - will try to do better

So it's been a while - while i thought i would try to write every day - sometimes you run out of daylight or numbers on the clock as dad would say.

the last couple of weeks have been good - venture crew has been camping couple times - once in May when it was 27 degrees when we got up and then the following weekend - was 65.  Minnesota weather.  Both trips were good - gave the kids a chance to get better aquatinted and know each other.

our son has been in the house looking / purchasing mode. finally got an offer in and closed on the house last week. we moved him in this past tuesday and wednesday.   everything is there but a dishwasher - but he was fine with that - little one story, two bedroom - ready to move into.  he's excited to say the least as we are proud of him.

been cycling also - trying to keep wednesdays open for that - three weeks in a row of 24 - 30 miles. average is up to about 18 mph - not too shabby if i say so myself.  one week had 6 riders, the last two have had 1 besides myself.  hey it don't matter how many or who, just that fact i am able to ride and keep a decent pace is great.  also have been keeping up the running - although this week was not much since moving our son in and cycling, plus work was busy thursday thus not allowing me to be there at dawn patrol. - next week will catch both tuesday workout and thursday run

gearing up for gw/nylt also this weekend - supposed to be down at fca around 3 but weather not looking too good today - and tomorrow. could be a little sloppy in getting gear out of the garage.

work is going good - gave a presentation at emc world this past month. if i do say so myself, it was pretty good. am working from home on friday's now - enjoying it too.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Thanks Cliff

Lost a good friend the other day. He was someone that just enjoyed walking, talking and swinging golf clubs.   We enjoyed the talks, what the kids were up to, how our families were - just life in general.  One does not come across many people like Cliff but once in a life time. I will miss him.  Rest in peace my friend,

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1st Wednesday night ride in the bag

got the first ride in tonight -

right at 20 miles - felt good - so good that i took deb to dq and had a blizzard! oh well - so much for worrying about weight.  tasted good too.  will see how dawn patrol works out tomorrow after todays ride. should be interesting to say the least.

UoS coming up satruday - teaching period 1 and 7 and maybe 5/6  - will see what happens.  tomorrow is round table - idea for that is a quiz on "whose your commissioner?" put pics up and see if folks know we are!  just some fun!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Nice windy weekend

friday / saturday / sunday 
pretty good weekend - lots of wind!  got 3 miles walk in on Saturday.  then deb made pizza that night. was really good!  forgot how good pizza maker she is!  worked on Saturday evening - upgrade on storage frame - went real good so made for easy Saturday night. 

had a good time on sunday- ride with ben for 15 miles, started / finished his taxes and the got 3 miles in with the crew.  crew meeting went great  - trek and crew elections went very well. the kids are finally getting around to figuring it out.   there are some folks that are  interested in looking at joining the crew - the biggest thing is time / place.  the kids have to figure out what will work for them. should be interesting in the coming months - growing pains.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

rid of demons i hope

so yesterday - wednesday was ken's funeral.  not certain what i would feel.  was sad and was actually worried that the family would look for me to say something - not sure what i could have said other than i did my best. i did find out that he was going to the doctor on that monday afternoon for some light headless.  anyway, did what i was trained to do - i did my best.   wednesday night i slept better than i have in the past week.  - granted i took couple pain relief ibporben, but felt rested for once.  maybe the deamons have finally left me from last monday.

this morning did dawn patrol - 3 miles with hills. while I'm typically the slowest, i do get around the course and make the hills. I know i'll never be a long distance runner, but do enjoy the workouts with the folks.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

CPR recert

i took and passed my CPR recent today - good for 2 years. have child/youth/adult certification.  was a bit of a challenge in light of what has happened in the last week and half.  when the class started, they mentioned the incident with ken and how someone came to his aid and didn't hesitate.   i let the evaluator know after her testing of me - that it was me.  she had also had similar experience.  was tough today doing that.  tomorrow is the funeral.  going to the mass only.  i hope that will let some demons loose and allow me to get some rest / sleep at night.

on the lighter side - got in a ride yesterday (3 miles or so) and then today was just on the trainer at lifetime.  i say it counts so it will count. 5 days / 5 rides.  guessing i'll miss a couple over the wilderness first aid weekend - maybe not - maybe take the fatty with!

Friday, April 1, 2016

XXX in April

1 april 2016
30 days to ride in April starts today.  Lot of things going on so i only did a loop around the neighborhood, but it still counts. Boy Scout training tomorrow - youth in the morning with Den Chief and then afternoon in the adults on backpacking.  While it's supposed to be windy, i'll get out  for a bit.

found out that ken's funeral is Wednesday. i need to go and say good bye - we both know i tried and did my best. i will always still wonder what if - what if the AED was right there, what if the squad got there sooner.  still have some sleepless nights but getting better. maybe after Wednesday when i say good bye, i'll get some rest too.

checked in with ben - he's passing on the house - good call but if had kept moving forward with it, we would have supported him as well.

deb's art show is this weekend - Saturday and Sunday - 10 - 6!  i'll go down on Sunday and say hi but this is her show and am very proud of her.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I tried - i did my best

got word this morning that the fellow i performed CPR on didn't make it. i take comfort i that i did my best, i did all that i could and that by doing so, it gave him a chance.  i believe that due to my efforts they got him to the UM medical center. had i done nothing, he would have left with a sheet over him at work.  like i said tough day - his name doesn't matter. i'm working through it but i know deep down that for whatever reason, i was supposed to be there that morning to help him. a lot of folks have told me I'm a hero for doing what i did, that they would have been scared to do what i did. i can only hope that if this was to happen to me, i would hope that if someone found me in that condition, they would not be scared and would do their best.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Two indians on the tootsie roll pop

also saved a life yesterday (monday 28 march) - at least it allowed him to get to hospital  gentleman was coming up the stairs with another employee and by the time they got by my cube, he started really having hard time breathing.  Started into the cube and hear a thud.  the gal with him called for help - i called security and requested our MERS team to come up to our area call 911.  he initially was breathing short breaths but was grabbing my hand, then went limp.  didn't feel heartbeat or hear breathing - rolled him over on his back and gave a couple beaths and started chest compressions.  about minute later he seemed to come around - so stopped - felt him grabbing me again.  gasps and then same thing - nothing - started back on chest compressions and then breaths as taught.  continued until our first responders showed up and turned over CPR to him.  he asked if i would watch for EMT and squad to show and direct folks away.  police and squad showed up. EMTs went to work. they did give him couple shocks from what i understand.

when they wheeled him out, he was having chest compressions and being bagged.  they took him to UM where he had two stents put in and is still in serious condition.  just hope he makes it.   all i could do is what i did - 3 minutes of chest appears to have helped get him to the UM alive.

i went to maple grove early Monday.  normally go to st paul but because i was going to work from home, figured i'd hit maple grove on Monday and mix it up a bit.    left early as i knew the weather was going to be nice.  got in around 6:10 or so.  Walked up the steps and thats when it all started to happen.

later had a tootsie roll pop (mini) - had two indians on it - never had one like that - maybe double lucky day for me and the fellow i did CPR on.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Been a good week

Been a busy week!
The venture crew met and got their pick together for the philmont trek - number 11 is the top choice. hope we get it!

Deb's eyes continue to improve.  So glad that is slowing coming to an end.  did have a bit of a panic when she found the note cards were not note cards (foldable) but postcard like.  getting new ones by monday!

Tuesday evening, we went walking with the kids (and parents).  we did 3.3 miles out at bunker lake park. it was about 55 when we started and 45 when we finished. the front was a coming hard.

Wednesday Ben found a house and put a offer in - and was accepted!  we are really excited for him.  next step is to get him moved.

Thursday was pretty quite  did 3.89 miles with the dawn patrol.  that's a hard workout for me but hey - if it was easy, everyone would be there!

Friday went over to Lar's new house for house warming party.  he's got a lot of cool stuff - sports memorabilia that covers all sports.  also has some cool collectable toys.

Saturday - we are helping Ben move - some stuff to Scott's and some to storage and some here.  have to work Saturday night - storage upgrades.

Continue to work on presentation for EMC world and University of Scouting next month.

Monday, March 21, 2016

A hiking we will go!

saturday / sunday 19/20 march
busy weekend - worked on getting all the info for the Venture crew for Philmont.  all their selections are in and they met last night - 
trek 11 is the top choice from the spreadsheet - they took their time and looked at the other treks and decided upon that one as the top - 11/9/1/5/3 in that order.

also got word that maddie is wanting to do grey wolf!  that was good to hear. 

tiffany came up and so did ben - tiffany gave some insight to the girls side of backpacking. i think it helped calm some nerves.

taxes are done - will file now and pay later in april.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Need to keep up! - st. patty's day!

falling down on the job of keeping up here!

so last week, got my run in via dawn patrol - right about 4 miles. Saturday was nice day - went out and talked to the greens about nylt to get lizzy signed up.

then got out on the bike and rode to MG!  16.7 one way - not too bad, 34 miles round trip.  The only thing I didn't do was bring two water bottles. Was a good ride none the less.

Sunday was rest day for me. didn't do much - worked on taxes and finished them up. will do final review this coming weekend.  still owe but not like last year.

Monday was good day to walk the route the kids will be walking. got the route checked out for the crew to start walking. 3.17 miles

Tuesday - C9 and then seemed like all the crazies came out at work -not our team, but other teams.  geez!  sometimes you wonder what people are thinking - maybe it was because it was PI day!

Wednesday - worked on crew stuff - got word that the spreadsheet was ready as were the trek books.  Looks pretty good but have one youth that I wonder about - he's listed a lot of "0"s on the sheet as far as interest goes.  We shall see.  On the same note, the girls are bunch of billy goats! We will be climbing some mountains!

Thursday - - St. Patty's day!   Dawn Patrol - 4.15 miles sweet! - slowest on the trail but better than not getting up!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wednesday / Thursday -march 9 and 10

wow - deb went in for cataract surgery wednesday.  allina picked us up and took us down.  she was seen at about 7:30, was in for the operation and came out at 9:13 AM. She can see!  that is so cool. the placed a lens in her left eye also. she can see pretty clearly without glasses and only only needs cheaters to read close up!

thursday i took her back - post op was fine - keep doing the eye drops and come back in 5 weeks. can't believe technology these days.

i actually stayed off the work computer yesterday as i took 8 hour vacation.  did work on the UoS presentation - changed it up a bit. i think it will be better.

worked from home today (thursday) got quite a bit done - worked on SRM and the charge back package.  also setup a meeting with SRM designers to discuss emc world.

need to get my tickets for flying out there.

first night as the official 3 rivers roundtable commissioner - overseeing all three of the RT starting to night. next steps are to have meetings regarding how to pull them all together.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday March 7

Monday March 7
plan to use this as well for work - so i can add things that happen for monthly reports.

Checked the SAP One with Mark,  Sent email to Rita and Theo - delayed the presentation till 16 due to being out on the 9th.

Verified the SRM environment.  things look good - ok to add the 3 vnxs -

Issue with mapbes02- rebooted the switch and all fine - Opened case with EMC regarding issue.  They have not got back to why it acted up.
I did get get the BES / Thales all setup. All the BES units have MG as the primary and Galway as the secondary now.

Learn Mark Kale passed away - 53 years old - too much drinking but that was his choice.  again was sorry to hear this but you do make your own path

worked with jeff / tim on the quantum. trying to get them to pick up things on backups

scouts - went to the troop meeting - jeff said he knew a kid that was interested in going. I want to check with the crew before saying yes. and find out more about the kid. i will not sacrifice the trek for one kid.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

starting off

5 march - figured i would try to track how my fitness is doing here. this morning weighed at 220.  will see what i can get down to by philmont in august.  already doing c9 on tuesday and dawn patrol on thursday mornings.  starting march 15 we start walking with the kids. need to map out some distance for them to follow.

that's all today