Saturday, March 26, 2016

Been a good week

Been a busy week!
The venture crew met and got their pick together for the philmont trek - number 11 is the top choice. hope we get it!

Deb's eyes continue to improve.  So glad that is slowing coming to an end.  did have a bit of a panic when she found the note cards were not note cards (foldable) but postcard like.  getting new ones by monday!

Tuesday evening, we went walking with the kids (and parents).  we did 3.3 miles out at bunker lake park. it was about 55 when we started and 45 when we finished. the front was a coming hard.

Wednesday Ben found a house and put a offer in - and was accepted!  we are really excited for him.  next step is to get him moved.

Thursday was pretty quite  did 3.89 miles with the dawn patrol.  that's a hard workout for me but hey - if it was easy, everyone would be there!

Friday went over to Lar's new house for house warming party.  he's got a lot of cool stuff - sports memorabilia that covers all sports.  also has some cool collectable toys.

Saturday - we are helping Ben move - some stuff to Scott's and some to storage and some here.  have to work Saturday night - storage upgrades.

Continue to work on presentation for EMC world and University of Scouting next month.

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