Thursday, March 17, 2016

Need to keep up! - st. patty's day!

falling down on the job of keeping up here!

so last week, got my run in via dawn patrol - right about 4 miles. Saturday was nice day - went out and talked to the greens about nylt to get lizzy signed up.

then got out on the bike and rode to MG!  16.7 one way - not too bad, 34 miles round trip.  The only thing I didn't do was bring two water bottles. Was a good ride none the less.

Sunday was rest day for me. didn't do much - worked on taxes and finished them up. will do final review this coming weekend.  still owe but not like last year.

Monday was good day to walk the route the kids will be walking. got the route checked out for the crew to start walking. 3.17 miles

Tuesday - C9 and then seemed like all the crazies came out at work -not our team, but other teams.  geez!  sometimes you wonder what people are thinking - maybe it was because it was PI day!

Wednesday - worked on crew stuff - got word that the spreadsheet was ready as were the trek books.  Looks pretty good but have one youth that I wonder about - he's listed a lot of "0"s on the sheet as far as interest goes.  We shall see.  On the same note, the girls are bunch of billy goats! We will be climbing some mountains!

Thursday - - St. Patty's day!   Dawn Patrol - 4.15 miles sweet! - slowest on the trail but better than not getting up!

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