Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday March 7

Monday March 7
plan to use this as well for work - so i can add things that happen for monthly reports.

Checked the SAP One with Mark,  Sent email to Rita and Theo - delayed the presentation till 16 due to being out on the 9th.

Verified the SRM environment.  things look good - ok to add the 3 vnxs -

Issue with mapbes02- rebooted the switch and all fine - Opened case with EMC regarding issue.  They have not got back to why it acted up.
I did get get the BES / Thales all setup. All the BES units have MG as the primary and Galway as the secondary now.

Learn Mark Kale passed away - 53 years old - too much drinking but that was his choice.  again was sorry to hear this but you do make your own path

worked with jeff / tim on the quantum. trying to get them to pick up things on backups

scouts - went to the troop meeting - jeff said he knew a kid that was interested in going. I want to check with the crew before saying yes. and find out more about the kid. i will not sacrifice the trek for one kid.

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