Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wednesday / Thursday -march 9 and 10

wow - deb went in for cataract surgery wednesday.  allina picked us up and took us down.  she was seen at about 7:30, was in for the operation and came out at 9:13 AM. She can see!  that is so cool. the placed a lens in her left eye also. she can see pretty clearly without glasses and only only needs cheaters to read close up!

thursday i took her back - post op was fine - keep doing the eye drops and come back in 5 weeks. can't believe technology these days.

i actually stayed off the work computer yesterday as i took 8 hour vacation.  did work on the UoS presentation - changed it up a bit. i think it will be better.

worked from home today (thursday) got quite a bit done - worked on SRM and the charge back package.  also setup a meeting with SRM designers to discuss emc world.

need to get my tickets for flying out there.

first night as the official 3 rivers roundtable commissioner - overseeing all three of the RT starting to night. next steps are to have meetings regarding how to pull them all together.

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