Sunday, February 26, 2017

ISLAGIATT (It seemed like a idea at the time)!

Doing a lot of cross training this year. I figured time to do something different. Signed up for the Falls Duathlon. Short enough in total mileage that I don't think it will totally wear me out but at the same time make me use the training from running and biking I have been doing. Deborah McQueen Coder will be my sag just in case however!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Boston Strong

Out in boston for a vendor meeting this week.  some very smart folks in the room and soaking in the experience.  one more day and then back to minnesota.  did get a 15 for 15 this morning at the hotel work out room.  was not the fastest but was good workout just the same.  back on the plane tomorrow and then back to normal.  miss deb - be good to be back home.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

26 miles - Feb 19, 2017

feb 19 - got in 26.1 miles today.  basically ben and i rode radison backwards - gave us a good wind push on the way home. average of 17.4  - good day!
Finished Cycle for Distance: Feb 19, 2017, 2:09:01 PM Route: New Route
Explorer Link:
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Ride Time: 1:29:49
Stopped Time: 10:41
Distance: 26.10 miles
Average: 17.44 mph
Fastest Speed: 26.90 mph
Ascent: 34
Calories: 1822

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hey Dad - did you hear about RAW?

Ben texts - "Hey Dad - Ride Across Wisconsin" is back - Carthage favorite Derango's pizza is a sponsor. There's a two day option as - looks like we are going to do RAW this year - August 26/27. The adventures never stop!
we are in and looking forward to it!

running / riding catch up! - Dec 2016 - Feb 18, 2017

thought here would be good place to put my running and riding info as well.  good place as any to record it. never know when i will stop face book - plus makes me journal here.

25 dec 16
Ride for wonder. Ride for joy.
Ride for freedom. Ride for speed.
Ride to get home, or to get away.
Ride for friendship. Ride for love.
Ride to remember. Ride to believe.
Whatever your reason—ride!
Here's wishing you a full year of great ones

31 dec 16
With Elm Creek being so icy, did errands riding the fat tire yesterday. Off to the bank and then post office and back. Only 10 miles but felt good to get out and ride.
Can't ride outdoors everyday, so Indoor riding today - new Sufferfest video gave me a solid 50 minute workout!

7 jan 17
The cool down of ISMAGIATT (It seems like a good idea at the time), is an old aussie poem that about Mulga Bill. Take a listen and hope you enjoy. I know I did.

14 jan 17
Great run outside today with Lisa McDonough Millam, Shelly Ferguson Leciejewski, Coco Russell and Cindi. Granted they had already run 4 miles before we started but super pace - I hit a goal set last year to hit 5Ks in in 30 minutes and did it today - even with the hill repeats. I don't think i would have been able to keep up with them in their first four mile pace. Thanks folks!

15 jan 17
Didn't have a long ride today out at Elm Creek. My feet started to get cold - could have something to do with driving the 35+ lb green machine bike through the woods at a slow pace. No falls to report, just slow. Thanks Ken McFarlane and Kenny for riding with me.

16 jan 17
Did about 4 miles in x-country skiing out at Elm Creek with Deb today. Good workout. Lots of kids on the tubing hill. Saw one tube launch off the ground. I can only imagine how that would feel to me once one hits the ground. I'll stick to the skis and just move along slowly.

21 jan 17

Ran today with Shelly Ferguson Leciejewski, Coco Russell and Michelle out towards Bunker. They were planning on 10 miles and figured I'd tag alone for 5 of them. By the time I turned off and headed back I had 6.61 miles. Who would have thunk! Good run with no rain - just couple slick spots on the trail. Thanks again ladies for letting me tag along.

28 jan 17

Another early Saturday morning run - 8.24 miles (13.52 km). Was an out and back route and when we were facing the wind, we were hidden via trails in the trees. Thanks again Shelly Ferguson Leciejewski and Coco Russell, alway enjoy running with you two.

4 feb 17

Whew! 10.45 miles today - longest run ever, but didn't feel too bad afterwards. Thanks for great route today Shelly Ferguson Leciejewski, Cindi Scavone Rose, Coco Russell and Michelle. Was really surprised that folks let their dogs run out on the frozen Mississippi. Then there are the fellows sitting in lawn chairs just a fishing away on the Trout lake there in park. Maybe they didn't notice the wind? I sure did at times!

11 feb 17

good run today - 7 miles and change. ran out at elm creek - surprised how much snow/ice were still there in spots. mostly on the non-sun facing / shaded sides. anyway - was good work out with saturday morning runners ( Lisa McDonough Millam, Shelly Ferguson Leciejewski, Coco Russell, Cindy Ludwig, Cindi Scavone Rose , Leann Lehmann and others). Most were were heading out for a total of 14 plus.

18 feb 17

out at 6:00 am with the lifetime group again (Shelly Ferguson Leciejewski, Lisa McDonough Millam, Coco Russell, Cindy Ludwig). Felt a little off today as the shoes seem to be giving up some cushion, but still got in 9+ miles. When I got home, the Fedex delivered a new pair of Asiscs gels so that should help the feet.
Thanks everyone for great run. Hope your 16 miles were as good as your first 9.8
Explorer Link:
Run Time: 1:46:16
Stopped Time: 23:39
Distance: 9.83 miles
Average: 10:48 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:32 /mile
Descent: 75
Calories: 1355

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Really - did I run that far?

So started going to the gym pretty regularly about 2 years ago - every tuesday / thursday mornings at 5:00 AM.   on tuesday i do stairs (100+ flights) /  rowing (5000 meters) / cycling (cycle coach) with weights and thursday is dawn patrol - basically an extension of the run club but at 5:30 am with some core / yoga at the end.

who would have thunk i would rack up 150+ miles last year!  got black (100 miles ) and orange (150 miles) laces for the effort.

this year - have started running on saturdays and have done 5 miles, 6.6 miles, 8.2 miles and finally this past weekend 10.45 miles - who'd thunk i'd be able to run that far!

been too icy and no snow to do any fat tire, so maybe if the snow stays away, will go out and get some road miles in. got the gear, got the bike so why not.

plan is start riding to work couple days a week in april. that's all for now.