Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Even the ruskies lost interest!

i like to look at the stats from the blog - just interested to see if there have been any views or comments.  so far, nary a comment - which is fine.  but seeing where the views do come from is always interesting to me. growing up i used to listen to shortwave radio - and would send a postcard to the different radio station i would hear and then they in return, would send a QSL card back. had a big collection of them. even had radio Havana sending me things up till i was sr. in high school.

anyway, heres the latest stats from viewers like you! as you can see from this, my viewership  is down in the mother land.  must not be too interesting to them or maybe i don't translate well!


Friday, April 7, 2017

if i don't answer, leave a message! geez!

oh yea - i love it when people call and do not leave a message.  that's just rude. sorry, but if you expect me to answer a number that i do not know, then leave a message, tell me who you are and leave a message - even if it's local.  I get enough cold calls and spam calls due to my work.  I'll call you back - but if you don't leave me a message - don't expect a call back if you don't.  that just common sense, but then some people just are not born with it.

ride, run, run 7 of 30 so far.

so this week started erik's Wednesday night rides.  i applied to be an ambassador (ken asked if i would) but wasn't selected.  however supposed to be getting some nice swag for applying. looking forward to that!

anyway, jorge was  there Wednesday. we did my four church ride and showed him why i call it that - just a 20 mile ride but enough to loosen up the legs.  jorge hung behind me for most of the ride (wind was from the north).  good first ride.

Thursday did 4.8 miles with dawn patrol. did a small hill circuit. ran a bit with cindi as she was feeling a little off due to cold. never fun to run by yourself in the mornings.  and usually have someone that drops back and runs with me so paying it back.

so far - 7 for 7 in getting on the bike and riding this month.  tomorrow will get some yard work done - least get the hole measured so to order some dirt.

thats all so far this week.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

who is reading this any way?

so i looked at the stats today - who is reading / looking at my much ado about nothing blog.  russia is leading the way with the US and then UK/Netherlands and Nepal?

it must be good reading in the cold depths of Siberia!


Really - have i run that much this year?

so the board at lifetime posted the number for janurary and febraruy.  have racked up over 90 miles so far and that did not include march.  holy fright. who would have thought i could run that far in three months time.  not stopping but just surprised myself with these numbers.  start cycling tomorrow night with the erik's group. not sure who, if anyone reads the blog, but you are welcome to join the ride - or come run with us on thursdays (dawn patrol at lft) or saturday mornings run club.  enjoy!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

benign biopsy and thoughts

so Tuesday had my prostrate biopsy.  was more sore from the needle poke on the left hand than the actual procedure.  anyway - good news was it came back benign.  whew!

so didn't do Thursday morning class, took it easy also Friday.  did run on Saturday - got in 8.5 miles - but only ran about 6.5 of that.  had not run in a good week or so.

someone asked me why are you running?  simple - cause i can. Tuesday was the third biopsy i have had.  each one comes back benign thankfully but each time am told - you have pre-cancerous cells there.  so back in six months for PSA check again.  but - i run because of that - because i can.

weather permitting i'll start back to leading Erik's rides on Wednesday this week (April 5th).  will be short one - first of the year always is and bit chilly.  not sure how many will be there but i plan to.

next week - temps should start to climb and hope to ride to work on Mondays and Fridays. - tuesday and Thursday gym days, Wednesday Erik's and Saturday / Sunday are run or bike days. i am trying to make 30 days of April - even if around the block - just down the drive way.

thats all for now folks .