Friday, August 17, 2018

retirement? really?

August is been busy!  Who said retirement - take it easy - right.  So after getting the deck cleaned off last month and noticing the two post were rotting, I started into that.

Took a day to get the cedar wood I would need. Upon inspection, found that I would need to replace a couple of steps along with this. So got the cedar purchased and put into the shed.

Next day, I decided that I should at least take a look at what needed to be done and what was I getting myself into. Digging deeper, and prying up some wood - it soon became a day job for me that Sunday.  So what started out as just exploratory work, ended up with me getting the whole job done.  Started around 9:00 AM (after a 25 mile bike ride) and finished up around 7:30 PM with everything put away. Not too shabby if i say so myself.

Also on the list was painting the shed.  Found a flyer for LP smart side and got the colors chips to match as close as we could.  Then next day, we purchased the paint and primer and started on the shed. The raw wood sucked up the primer but the other boards were pre-primed and looked to take the paint pretty well.  The new thee days were spent painting our shed. Looks pretty good now that were are done.  Paint matches up pretty well if i don't mind saying so.

Next on the list was tackling the sprinkler system.  Soon realized that I was not going to take the back flow valve off by itself and so I cut the whole thing off. Turns out that was the right call.  Found the whole assembly that i cut off at Lowes - like i knew what I was doing. Soldered in the copper pipes and we have pressure!

Next was to tackle the sprinklers - -I soon found out that sprinkler maintenance / replacement is not my forte.  The heads I purchased to replace the bad ones were 1/2 inch and need to be 3/4 inch. Also discovered there was a leak in the line somewhere - so called a sprinkler company to come out.  Got the line replaced and five heads replaced as well.  Next they are coming out to move the heads so they don't hit the newly painted shed!

Riding ?  yep - doing that too - have about 120 miles in and its only mid month.

I also have taken upon myself to maybe do some consulting work.  Not sure yet but I'm looking ahead to the days when there is no way I can get 120 miles in a month.  I think some part time work would be good as it will keep everyone sane and happy around this house!

And who looks at this - as I don't do a good job of update this - here's what the stats show that I have folks from Europe, China, Australia,  and the US checking the blog out.  Mostly mac users, but some windows and linux as well.  Interesting anyway.  leave a note if you are viewing.

Monday, August 6, 2018

jpoj - working away the summer - july

getting things done!

got to go camping in the escape pod in july - first trip of the year with it. went to whitewater state park. was good trip. i booked the sunday to friday but weather was moving in on thursday of that week, so we moved out wednesday. i have put away enough wet gear in the past so i figured i didn't need to if we didn't have to.  it was nice place as there we not many if any skeeters but there were some gnats that got pesky.  the camper was great.  the air conditioner did its magic and made the camper nice and cool during the evening and days.  good sleeping weather.  picked up a fishing license why you ask?  always did just enjoy going out with dad fishing even it was just on the shore.  not a matter of catching the fish more a matter of just getting time to toss a line in the water and while away time.  was relaxing.  did a few hikes - white water has some very good and steep hills around there. we did one side of the valley one day, then the other side the next.  we then headed out to find a place where folks from Liechtenstein come to visit.  was about two and half miles back off the road but well worth the visit.  lots and lots of frogs jumping out along the trail.

also started working on stuff around the house.  got rid of some of the nylt stuff from the basement and have some ready for ken to take over.  yea - getting our basement back after about twelve years.  also started doing some work around the house. 

first on the list was washing down the deck.  that was a good day job. didn't scrub it as i thought i would, rather the water just took it off.  i still need to go back over it again and then stain it when it cools off.  but it does look pretty nice.  also noticed that the two main posts needed replacing.  so i put that on the list to do later in the month (actually august)

another 90 miles or so this month - better - not as good as last month but still getting out on the bike!

What's happening with JPOJ - nylt - june and july.

june and july - nylt
So if you noticed, my last day with BSC was May 26.  It was bittersweet in that while i did "volunteer" to take the rif, it has seemed odd to not have to go to work.  that said, here's what i have been doing so far this summer -

june was nylt grey wolf  - was the scoutmaster for week 3. went down for shower building, pre-course stand-up, weeks 1, 2 and 4 and then also for the closing up the course.  week3 went off without any major problems - did send one kid home for being a jerk - swearing and slapped a couple kids. - just do not do that.  i think most kids came to realize that the sm did mean business at the opening ceremony when he said he would not tolerate anything outside the oath and law.

after the week was over, the following week, went down on saturday and closed up shop.  seemed to take longer than i expected.  maybe it was because i was not there for the full pre-course setup.  anyway, things got put away and will be there next year for ken to take over.

i'll continue to help but just need a break from doing this for twelve years.  let brad know i would be sm for another year as well if he needed me.

did get a couple rounds of golf in - but nylt limited the time for me.  have been playing fridays with dick out at bunker on the executive course.  good to get out and walk the course.  want to get out with steve as well - he will play the regular nine / eighteen where dick likes the shorter exec course.

cycling mileage for june was around 110 miles - not as much as i wanted but scouting jumped in.