Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Thanks Cliff

Lost a good friend the other day. He was someone that just enjoyed walking, talking and swinging golf clubs.   We enjoyed the talks, what the kids were up to, how our families were - just life in general.  One does not come across many people like Cliff but once in a life time. I will miss him.  Rest in peace my friend,

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1st Wednesday night ride in the bag

got the first ride in tonight -

right at 20 miles - felt good - so good that i took deb to dq and had a blizzard! oh well - so much for worrying about weight.  tasted good too.  will see how dawn patrol works out tomorrow after todays ride. should be interesting to say the least.

UoS coming up satruday - teaching period 1 and 7 and maybe 5/6  - will see what happens.  tomorrow is round table - idea for that is a quiz on "whose your commissioner?" put pics up and see if folks know we are!  just some fun!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Nice windy weekend

friday / saturday / sunday 
pretty good weekend - lots of wind!  got 3 miles walk in on Saturday.  then deb made pizza that night. was really good!  forgot how good pizza maker she is!  worked on Saturday evening - upgrade on storage frame - went real good so made for easy Saturday night. 

had a good time on sunday- ride with ben for 15 miles, started / finished his taxes and the got 3 miles in with the crew.  crew meeting went great  - trek and crew elections went very well. the kids are finally getting around to figuring it out.   there are some folks that are  interested in looking at joining the crew - the biggest thing is time / place.  the kids have to figure out what will work for them. should be interesting in the coming months - growing pains.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

rid of demons i hope

so yesterday - wednesday was ken's funeral.  not certain what i would feel.  was sad and was actually worried that the family would look for me to say something - not sure what i could have said other than i did my best. i did find out that he was going to the doctor on that monday afternoon for some light headless.  anyway, did what i was trained to do - i did my best.   wednesday night i slept better than i have in the past week.  - granted i took couple pain relief ibporben, but felt rested for once.  maybe the deamons have finally left me from last monday.

this morning did dawn patrol - 3 miles with hills. while I'm typically the slowest, i do get around the course and make the hills. I know i'll never be a long distance runner, but do enjoy the workouts with the folks.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

CPR recert

i took and passed my CPR recent today - good for 2 years. have child/youth/adult certification.  was a bit of a challenge in light of what has happened in the last week and half.  when the class started, they mentioned the incident with ken and how someone came to his aid and didn't hesitate.   i let the evaluator know after her testing of me - that it was me.  she had also had similar experience.  was tough today doing that.  tomorrow is the funeral.  going to the mass only.  i hope that will let some demons loose and allow me to get some rest / sleep at night.

on the lighter side - got in a ride yesterday (3 miles or so) and then today was just on the trainer at lifetime.  i say it counts so it will count. 5 days / 5 rides.  guessing i'll miss a couple over the wilderness first aid weekend - maybe not - maybe take the fatty with!

Friday, April 1, 2016

XXX in April

1 april 2016
30 days to ride in April starts today.  Lot of things going on so i only did a loop around the neighborhood, but it still counts. Boy Scout training tomorrow - youth in the morning with Den Chief and then afternoon in the adults on backpacking.  While it's supposed to be windy, i'll get out  for a bit.

found out that ken's funeral is Wednesday. i need to go and say good bye - we both know i tried and did my best. i will always still wonder what if - what if the AED was right there, what if the squad got there sooner.  still have some sleepless nights but getting better. maybe after Wednesday when i say good bye, i'll get some rest too.

checked in with ben - he's passing on the house - good call but if had kept moving forward with it, we would have supported him as well.

deb's art show is this weekend - Saturday and Sunday - 10 - 6!  i'll go down on Sunday and say hi but this is her show and am very proud of her.