Thursday, April 7, 2016

rid of demons i hope

so yesterday - wednesday was ken's funeral.  not certain what i would feel.  was sad and was actually worried that the family would look for me to say something - not sure what i could have said other than i did my best. i did find out that he was going to the doctor on that monday afternoon for some light headless.  anyway, did what i was trained to do - i did my best.   wednesday night i slept better than i have in the past week.  - granted i took couple pain relief ibporben, but felt rested for once.  maybe the deamons have finally left me from last monday.

this morning did dawn patrol - 3 miles with hills. while I'm typically the slowest, i do get around the course and make the hills. I know i'll never be a long distance runner, but do enjoy the workouts with the folks.

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