Friday, June 3, 2016

Been a while - will try to do better

So it's been a while - while i thought i would try to write every day - sometimes you run out of daylight or numbers on the clock as dad would say.

the last couple of weeks have been good - venture crew has been camping couple times - once in May when it was 27 degrees when we got up and then the following weekend - was 65.  Minnesota weather.  Both trips were good - gave the kids a chance to get better aquatinted and know each other.

our son has been in the house looking / purchasing mode. finally got an offer in and closed on the house last week. we moved him in this past tuesday and wednesday.   everything is there but a dishwasher - but he was fine with that - little one story, two bedroom - ready to move into.  he's excited to say the least as we are proud of him.

been cycling also - trying to keep wednesdays open for that - three weeks in a row of 24 - 30 miles. average is up to about 18 mph - not too shabby if i say so myself.  one week had 6 riders, the last two have had 1 besides myself.  hey it don't matter how many or who, just that fact i am able to ride and keep a decent pace is great.  also have been keeping up the running - although this week was not much since moving our son in and cycling, plus work was busy thursday thus not allowing me to be there at dawn patrol. - next week will catch both tuesday workout and thursday run

gearing up for gw/nylt also this weekend - supposed to be down at fca around 3 but weather not looking too good today - and tomorrow. could be a little sloppy in getting gear out of the garage.

work is going good - gave a presentation at emc world this past month. if i do say so myself, it was pretty good. am working from home on friday's now - enjoying it too.

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