Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Two indians on the tootsie roll pop

also saved a life yesterday (monday 28 march) - at least it allowed him to get to hospital  gentleman was coming up the stairs with another employee and by the time they got by my cube, he started really having hard time breathing.  Started into the cube and hear a thud.  the gal with him called for help - i called security and requested our MERS team to come up to our area call 911.  he initially was breathing short breaths but was grabbing my hand, then went limp.  didn't feel heartbeat or hear breathing - rolled him over on his back and gave a couple beaths and started chest compressions.  about minute later he seemed to come around - so stopped - felt him grabbing me again.  gasps and then same thing - nothing - started back on chest compressions and then breaths as taught.  continued until our first responders showed up and turned over CPR to him.  he asked if i would watch for EMT and squad to show and direct folks away.  police and squad showed up. EMTs went to work. they did give him couple shocks from what i understand.

when they wheeled him out, he was having chest compressions and being bagged.  they took him to UM where he had two stents put in and is still in serious condition.  just hope he makes it.   all i could do is what i did - 3 minutes of chest appears to have helped get him to the UM alive.

i went to maple grove early Monday.  normally go to st paul but because i was going to work from home, figured i'd hit maple grove on Monday and mix it up a bit.    left early as i knew the weather was going to be nice.  got in around 6:10 or so.  Walked up the steps and thats when it all started to happen.

later had a tootsie roll pop (mini) - had two indians on it - never had one like that - maybe double lucky day for me and the fellow i did CPR on.

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