Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A year ago - and still think of it.

a year ago, it was monday - not tuesday.  i went to maple grove for some reason rather than st. paul.  i got in early - about 620.  our cubes were up on the third floor and remember passing a colleague in on the steps and at the landing who was having trouble breathing. i asked him if he was ok.  he said he just needed to catch his breath.  i went on to my cube and and as i rounded the corner, i heard him drop and someone shout call 911.  i did and then went around the corner and found him on the floor. i rolled him over.  i checked for a pulse and nothing.  i then told the lady with him to watch for the medics as i started cpr.  i did cpr for over 2 - 3 minutes until the medics arrived.  after that i let them take over. i did what i know i had to do. it kept him going until he was transported to the hospital.  four days later he passed.  i did my best that's all i could do. i only hope that should you come upon the situation, you know what to do. if not, get trained. its not hard.

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