Saturday, March 18, 2017

Scotland day 2 - sheep / whiskey!

up this morning around 6:00 am - deb up about 6:45 and doing much better.  i had a full Scottish breakfast today. ham, scrabbled eggs, black pudding, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, mixed toasts and coffee.  deb settled for some fruit, yogurt and toast.  sheila gets up and makes the breakfast that was asked for the night before.  since we were the only two in the b&b, she and gordon got to sleep in a little.  after wards, we sat and chatted with sheila and gordon this morning.  she's on her second husband and has been doing the for about 20 years.

saw lots of sheep and highland cows (cos) along the way. met couple farmers at couple of  pull-offs, who we stopped when we could was surprised to see all the snow on the mountains as we drove.  we passed a couple of places that rented skits / snow boards even.   we stopped in a little town - kirkmichael, some some kids there were practicing for an upcoming overnight.  they had their back packs on and were going to hike about 7 miles.  there were about 20 or so -both boys and girls.

next stop was  next stop was a distillery - just saw the sign but they were closed for the winter. open up in april  we then stopped at a mini shopping center that had some nice waterfalls.  

next stop was dalwhinnie  distillery but it was opened this time. took the tour, had some samples and purchased couple small bottles. they serve chocolate with their tastes. 

continued on the road and  - yep found another distillery - tomatin- this was about 4 in the afternoon and their last tour for the day was already gone.  you can even draw your own bottle there from a cask - which is pretty cool.  looks like they open at noon sunday, so going to head there before heading out tomorrow.

from there we headed up the road and off the beaten trail to the artist cottage b&b.  was everything that deb hoped for.

dinner we headed into the town of inverness to the snow goose. i had the british pot pie and deb the veggie burger - made with butternut squash.  was on the way back that she realized she had left the camera there.  called them back when we got to the artist cottage  and they have it.  so will pick it up tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow we head toward Skye - staying just outside of Kyle (after visiting tomatin)

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