Friday, March 17, 2017

Scotland Day 1

what first day! first we were delayed out of MSP to chicago midway buy 30 minutes. This in turn cut our time short in getting to O'hare. we made it but....

so when i made reservations, i used the deb's drivers license. it has her middle name mcqueen. what i didn't realize was her passport has arlene as her middle name. boarding pass has mcqueen, tsa looks at passport and says - hmmmm who are really? so had to do that twice on the way over. she had her driver's license so it was good.

flight from chicago to dublin - probably one of the roughest flights ever. i did manage to get some sleep but kept being interrupted by the flight deck making sure we were strapped in. yep it was rough one for the books. nothing came out of the bins but close.

Dublin to Edinburgh was ok. got the car, setup all the electronics but needed one thing out of the boot. forgot to put on brake and when i stepped out, the car started to roll - had my foot right in the way and having it there slowed it enough so when it did finish going over, i was able to get in. foot a little tender today but ok

got ahold of clem and met up with Clem and Bennie. then we picked up hannie (on crutches) and off we went. we went to off to the queen's mum castle, then up to top of dundee to see the top of the city! during this, deb started to feel a little off after we stopped and had a beef meat pastry pie and sodas. was very good. during this time, deb continued to get worse. we stopped and picked up diana for supper. deb continue to feel bad so we ended up at clem and diana's doctor office. 40 pounds later (office visit, prescript, and actual mediation) and no supper, we hit the road for the b&b over by perth. diana rode with us till we got out of dundee and then we headed out.

the rough flight and zipping round the back roads, no sleep made for what we think was a case of vertigo for deb. i have had this before. my doctor told me the rocks in my head were not in alignment - Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. the home treatment she provided me is here this seemed to work.

the adventure continued as almost 3 miles from the b&b, the phone (using google maps) stopped working. it appears either the connector to the iphone or the the lighter didn't get pushed in well and the battery ran out. we turned where i thought but pulled off and found another plug. the phone started charging. we were one road too soon turned out but ended up at the b&b at about 7:00.

shellia mcphearson is he owner of the laurels guest house. we were the only ones there tonight. she did everything to make us feel welcomed, especially with deb not feeling well. breakfast is at 8:30 time to sleep in and hope to give time for deb to sleep. deb laid down and some of the vertigo was gone after that. she took her meds and seems better. will see how she does tomorrow.
dinner with clem and diana will be pushed to pushed to our last night endinburgh.
a good nights rest and deb is up and about this morning. i'll do the "full scottish" or "full irish" as we have come to know the breakfasts here. deb's will have fresh fruit and some tea i think.


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