Sunday, April 2, 2017

benign biopsy and thoughts

so Tuesday had my prostrate biopsy.  was more sore from the needle poke on the left hand than the actual procedure.  anyway - good news was it came back benign.  whew!

so didn't do Thursday morning class, took it easy also Friday.  did run on Saturday - got in 8.5 miles - but only ran about 6.5 of that.  had not run in a good week or so.

someone asked me why are you running?  simple - cause i can. Tuesday was the third biopsy i have had.  each one comes back benign thankfully but each time am told - you have pre-cancerous cells there.  so back in six months for PSA check again.  but - i run because of that - because i can.

weather permitting i'll start back to leading Erik's rides on Wednesday this week (April 5th).  will be short one - first of the year always is and bit chilly.  not sure how many will be there but i plan to.

next week - temps should start to climb and hope to ride to work on Mondays and Fridays. - tuesday and Thursday gym days, Wednesday Erik's and Saturday / Sunday are run or bike days. i am trying to make 30 days of April - even if around the block - just down the drive way.

thats all for now folks .


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