Friday, August 17, 2018

retirement? really?

August is been busy!  Who said retirement - take it easy - right.  So after getting the deck cleaned off last month and noticing the two post were rotting, I started into that.

Took a day to get the cedar wood I would need. Upon inspection, found that I would need to replace a couple of steps along with this. So got the cedar purchased and put into the shed.

Next day, I decided that I should at least take a look at what needed to be done and what was I getting myself into. Digging deeper, and prying up some wood - it soon became a day job for me that Sunday.  So what started out as just exploratory work, ended up with me getting the whole job done.  Started around 9:00 AM (after a 25 mile bike ride) and finished up around 7:30 PM with everything put away. Not too shabby if i say so myself.

Also on the list was painting the shed.  Found a flyer for LP smart side and got the colors chips to match as close as we could.  Then next day, we purchased the paint and primer and started on the shed. The raw wood sucked up the primer but the other boards were pre-primed and looked to take the paint pretty well.  The new thee days were spent painting our shed. Looks pretty good now that were are done.  Paint matches up pretty well if i don't mind saying so.

Next on the list was tackling the sprinkler system.  Soon realized that I was not going to take the back flow valve off by itself and so I cut the whole thing off. Turns out that was the right call.  Found the whole assembly that i cut off at Lowes - like i knew what I was doing. Soldered in the copper pipes and we have pressure!

Next was to tackle the sprinklers - -I soon found out that sprinkler maintenance / replacement is not my forte.  The heads I purchased to replace the bad ones were 1/2 inch and need to be 3/4 inch. Also discovered there was a leak in the line somewhere - so called a sprinkler company to come out.  Got the line replaced and five heads replaced as well.  Next they are coming out to move the heads so they don't hit the newly painted shed!

Riding ?  yep - doing that too - have about 120 miles in and its only mid month.

I also have taken upon myself to maybe do some consulting work.  Not sure yet but I'm looking ahead to the days when there is no way I can get 120 miles in a month.  I think some part time work would be good as it will keep everyone sane and happy around this house!

And who looks at this - as I don't do a good job of update this - here's what the stats show that I have folks from Europe, China, Australia,  and the US checking the blog out.  Mostly mac users, but some windows and linux as well.  Interesting anyway.  leave a note if you are viewing.

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