Monday, August 6, 2018

What's happening with JPOJ - nylt - june and july.

june and july - nylt
So if you noticed, my last day with BSC was May 26.  It was bittersweet in that while i did "volunteer" to take the rif, it has seemed odd to not have to go to work.  that said, here's what i have been doing so far this summer -

june was nylt grey wolf  - was the scoutmaster for week 3. went down for shower building, pre-course stand-up, weeks 1, 2 and 4 and then also for the closing up the course.  week3 went off without any major problems - did send one kid home for being a jerk - swearing and slapped a couple kids. - just do not do that.  i think most kids came to realize that the sm did mean business at the opening ceremony when he said he would not tolerate anything outside the oath and law.

after the week was over, the following week, went down on saturday and closed up shop.  seemed to take longer than i expected.  maybe it was because i was not there for the full pre-course setup.  anyway, things got put away and will be there next year for ken to take over.

i'll continue to help but just need a break from doing this for twelve years.  let brad know i would be sm for another year as well if he needed me.

did get a couple rounds of golf in - but nylt limited the time for me.  have been playing fridays with dick out at bunker on the executive course.  good to get out and walk the course.  want to get out with steve as well - he will play the regular nine / eighteen where dick likes the shorter exec course.

cycling mileage for june was around 110 miles - not as much as i wanted but scouting jumped in. 

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