Monday, August 6, 2018

jpoj - working away the summer - july

getting things done!

got to go camping in the escape pod in july - first trip of the year with it. went to whitewater state park. was good trip. i booked the sunday to friday but weather was moving in on thursday of that week, so we moved out wednesday. i have put away enough wet gear in the past so i figured i didn't need to if we didn't have to.  it was nice place as there we not many if any skeeters but there were some gnats that got pesky.  the camper was great.  the air conditioner did its magic and made the camper nice and cool during the evening and days.  good sleeping weather.  picked up a fishing license why you ask?  always did just enjoy going out with dad fishing even it was just on the shore.  not a matter of catching the fish more a matter of just getting time to toss a line in the water and while away time.  was relaxing.  did a few hikes - white water has some very good and steep hills around there. we did one side of the valley one day, then the other side the next.  we then headed out to find a place where folks from Liechtenstein come to visit.  was about two and half miles back off the road but well worth the visit.  lots and lots of frogs jumping out along the trail.

also started working on stuff around the house.  got rid of some of the nylt stuff from the basement and have some ready for ken to take over.  yea - getting our basement back after about twelve years.  also started doing some work around the house. 

first on the list was washing down the deck.  that was a good day job. didn't scrub it as i thought i would, rather the water just took it off.  i still need to go back over it again and then stain it when it cools off.  but it does look pretty nice.  also noticed that the two main posts needed replacing.  so i put that on the list to do later in the month (actually august)

another 90 miles or so this month - better - not as good as last month but still getting out on the bike!

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