Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A hero, a queen and other ramblings

Well - let's see, mid-August was the last post so let's get caught up.

Did some more camping at the end of the month - headed up to Banning State park - nice little park along the Kettle river.  Went up on Sunday the 26th and came home on Wednesday 29.  Were able to do some hiking around the park - good park for that.  Got the first hike in Sunday evening before the rains came, then again Monday morning before even more rain came in. In fact rained so hard we ended up in the camper for most of the evening monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday were great.  got some good hikes in those days.  couple things we figured out the this trip - remember to pack the popup cover otherwise i won't have a cover for my side of the camper.  and that the bug cover for the picknic table is not water proof - bring something to either cover the table or figure out some sides for it.

met a fellow tuesday / wednesday that was cycling from richfield up to canada and back.  about 500 or so miles.  had a nice looking specialized road / touring bike with rear saddle bags.  good rei tent but not sure what other gear he had. from what i could see, he did not bring what I would have. i would have had booties and some rain pants and a helmet.  and could have used a shower that he camped right across from that night.  oh well - props to him for make the trip.  he was do back in richfield friday.

this past month we saw the queen of soul - aretha franklin pass and a true hero john mccain.  all i can say is there is a hell of band somewhere with all the folks that aretha is joining.  the music business will not be the same with her voice gone - but not forgotten.

senator john mccain passed also due to cancer.  he purposely planned his funeral to drive home a point of what our country should be like.  while i didn't agree with him at time i have the upmost respect for him in how he handled himself.  if he was wrong, he would admit it. he planned out the whole funeral and dismissed trump.  trump whined and went golfing - and tweeted the firkin day because he didn't have the respect to shut the pie hole up.

riding wise, got a few miles in this month.  155 or there about. not too bad but with it getting cooler thinking of trying to get more miles in this moth.  do have couple outings planned - up by st. cloud and then over in wisconsin.  should be good time.  also want to get the deck stained.

thats all for now

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