Friday, April 7, 2017

ride, run, run 7 of 30 so far.

so this week started erik's Wednesday night rides.  i applied to be an ambassador (ken asked if i would) but wasn't selected.  however supposed to be getting some nice swag for applying. looking forward to that!

anyway, jorge was  there Wednesday. we did my four church ride and showed him why i call it that - just a 20 mile ride but enough to loosen up the legs.  jorge hung behind me for most of the ride (wind was from the north).  good first ride.

Thursday did 4.8 miles with dawn patrol. did a small hill circuit. ran a bit with cindi as she was feeling a little off due to cold. never fun to run by yourself in the mornings.  and usually have someone that drops back and runs with me so paying it back.

so far - 7 for 7 in getting on the bike and riding this month.  tomorrow will get some yard work done - least get the hole measured so to order some dirt.

thats all so far this week.

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