Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Where you been Jim?

so been a while - lot of things happened since i last checked in.  make it to philmont and back ok.  did 72+ miles with the kids. good trip.

have started running and hitting the gym pretty regularly during the week.  tuesday / thursday are my days. due the running at dawn patrol have accumulated over 150 miles in running in 2016!  black laces for me.

continue to ride - almost 1600 miles on top of the running this past year.

did make it back for sis's 60th birthday.  was good to be back and took ben with us. deb had a good time as did sis and ben. we went to a high school came. also connected with OE which was good. did get some running in as we.  sis's birthday party was fun and think she enjoyed it.

trying to make concerted effort to get back for HS reunion next year - will be 55 years!  woo hoo.  be fun to see some folks.

things i don't understand - SWA - $88.00 to go to baltimore and $102.00 to go to chicago - both fares from minneapolis.

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