Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Really - did I run that far?

So started going to the gym pretty regularly about 2 years ago - every tuesday / thursday mornings at 5:00 AM.   on tuesday i do stairs (100+ flights) /  rowing (5000 meters) / cycling (cycle coach) with weights and thursday is dawn patrol - basically an extension of the run club but at 5:30 am with some core / yoga at the end.

who would have thunk i would rack up 150+ miles last year!  got black (100 miles ) and orange (150 miles) laces for the effort.

this year - have started running on saturdays and have done 5 miles, 6.6 miles, 8.2 miles and finally this past weekend 10.45 miles - who'd thunk i'd be able to run that far!

been too icy and no snow to do any fat tire, so maybe if the snow stays away, will go out and get some road miles in. got the gear, got the bike so why not.

plan is start riding to work couple days a week in april. that's all for now.

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