Saturday, July 20, 2019

June - july updates grey wolf and camping with gus

Welcome to July 2019.

Been couple busy months.  Started out in June with getting ready for NYLT staffing - (National Youth Leader Training) down at Fred C. Anderson scout camp.  Had a great week - weather and camping. Overall was a successful week.

Deb, Gus and I went camping this past month.  Up to St. Croix State Park. That is a very good park and will be back this fall.  However, the time I picked to go seemed to be the week of the skeeter and biting flys. Now, I don't normally comment about how thick or bad the they are - lot of hair on the arms and tough skin i guess - but they were bad those days.  It was our first trip of the year and we took Gus along.  Things for the most part went well.  The two stall stand up tent I bought worked good. Had a extra zipper put in and works awesome.  Gus slept in his portable kennel we got him and for the most part it worked great.  He was quiet all night, even when I got up to go the the bathroom. Dam good dog for sure!  Deb's legs were really bitten up and Gus's stomach was as well. Both of them took some Benadryl and that seemed to help.  However, we headed home after one night.  Good thing too, the rains came that evening up there and would have been wet packing things up.

Been doing a lot of riding as well.  Mostly i head out up north but 211 miles for the month of June.  not too bad when you consider i was out for 11 days with scouts. 

This month up to 186 miles already and just the 20th. should surpass the 211 w/o issue.

Also started working with a company called emissary.  they work with folks that have left a company and match you with a client company in hopes one can help them get in the door so to speak. No personal references provided - but just contact info and how they do business.  So far, one engagement and maybe a another coming.  will see.

Whats next?  Heading to WI to support the RAW - ride across Wisconsin. going to take the trailer over Necedha as the rest stop is over by there.  I'll head over Wednesday, let them have the trailer all day Thursday and pick up Friday and then head out to the camp.   they are riding from la crosse to green bay - 225 miles in day.  the rest stop is only on Saturday so will head back that afternoon.

thats about about all for now -

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GBG—good boy Gus!