Monday, September 10, 2018

Nike ad

Nike could have picked Tom Burnett. They could have picked Pat Tillman. They could have picked a lot of different folks for a lot of different reasons. They picked Kapernick. Why? I think part of the reason is the current events in this country. I also think that timing has a lot to do with it. Had the ad been released tomorrow (9/11) - they could have picked Tom Burnett. Closer to 11/11, maybe Pat Tillman. All I know is that they picked who they did and it has people communicating about it. Folks are beginning to realize that what we consider sacrifice is different for everyone. There are thousands of men and women that could be deserving of this ad. I agree with Melissa Waylan below - I support both. I also am glad to be in a country where protesting and voicing ones beliefs is an option and not a crime. Just like here - everyone had a different view and I respect that and glad we have a forum to present it. Thanks for letting express mine.