Sunday, June 4, 2017

it goes in spurts

seems i do this in spurts - when i have time.  so the past month of may have been pretty busy.  what's happened so far?

hmmmm - golf started back up - trying to get out once a week at least either via league or with the neighbor. not doing too bad - keeping in the low 50s / upper 40s

cycling - yep lots more - have been slow in even posting there but have tried to average 50 60 a week - rain the first part of the month kept that down but getting warmer and dryer - making that happen

running - every thursday and saturday when i can - again - trying to get 10 miles a week in either running / stairs combined

scouts - grey wolf kicking up - venture camping at stearns this past month - just a one nighter due to weather but had good time

camper is coming along - looking forward to get getting it and getting away.

work - doing well - keeping busy but trying to step back more - am heading to vegas next week for hpe discover conference.

that's all today.

later folks - leave a comment if you do read these!


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