Monday, May 1, 2017

hello may - winter?`

so it snowed again today - didn't stick but it snowed - again - on may 1st. it snowed on my birthday - 26, 27 and 30th.  geez glad when summer shows up

anyway - what i've been up to.

completed the falls duathlon !

I finished 5th in my age group out of 6. Under 2 hours total time (1:59:00). Had my best 2 mile time in 20:30. Passed 5 and was passed by 5. On the bike, was basically uphill into the wind gong out and downhill with the wind coming back. Passed 50 folks and didn't have anyone pass me. Moving into the 3 mile run was hard to start out, but once i got going did ok. Considering i had just finished riding, I'll take the 38:45 time for the 3 mile run (passed 5 and passed by 25). I pushed when i could but the transition from bike to run is tougher than I thought it would be. I rode hard as the average on the return leg was just over 25. Overall, had a good day - I had fun, was smiling (I think) and enjoyed myself. Thanks Shelly Ferguson Leciejewski for finding the run for me. I'll probably do it agin next year. Thanks to my wife Deborah McQueen Coder for supporting and encouraging me. This was a whole lot better than what Ironman will be tomorrow (rain/snow/wind).

i was happy with something that i had never tried before.

next on the list - get ready for RAW - ride across wisconsin

scouting wise, deb and dennis were both honored with vigil honors.  i have to say i planned it out pretty good.

crew was to go out zip lining sunday the 30th - but weather kept that from happening - snow - rain - wind.

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