Friday, March 20, 2020

teardrop saga continues - more purchases by my friend in Iowa.

The teardrop is sold - no change there but wanted to keep you abreast of the my friend who wanted to buy the camper sight unseen and provide money to ship it. 

Here's a copy of the checks my friend Brian Williams sent. Notice in the earlier blog he stated he was from Iowa (and the phone number matched).  The checks where written against a Southwest Architectural Supply and the return address was someplace in Arkansas.  This address actually is a transportation company. 

Contacted Dan at  Southwest Architectural Supply there in Texas and told he what was going on.  He was surprised to learn his company was purchasing my camper! Come to find out in the last couple days, they have been purchasing an 18 wheeler, a pickup,  some used high school sports equipment, and a antique car.  They are now working with the USPS and FBI to track this fellow down. Needless  to say, be careful out there folks.  If and when I do hear back from Dan, I'll update you all.

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