Wednesday, January 8, 2020

My Six Month (or so) update - Lots going on!

I figured I should update on what has been going on.  So I think I left off where we went camping with Gus (who is now 15 months and 52 pounds of muscle), we figured we needed something bigger if we going to take him along.  The end result was the purchase of a 2010 F150 to tow our new 2018 Airstream Basecamp.  Yea. All the luxury of home - sit-down shower, toilet and kitchen all indoors!  Bonus is we get to sleep inside as does Gus.  I have put the teardrop up for sale late in the year and hope to have it sold this spring.  We managed 4 trips this fall in the new camper and truck, all in state parks.  Had good times and took Gus on all of them.  He does really good knowing that he does not have to fight the skeeters.

We got the Gus and the other two male puppies that came up from Nebraska as part of the rescue.  Gus, Rudy and Buddy were similar but different.  Gus is for sure the more muscular one and fastest. Rudy was a little shorter but still muscular.  Gus and Rudy were fostered together.  Buddy is the more golden looking of the three. All three had a great time in the back yard running, barking, playing, and resting.

Couple of trips this fall took us to Ohio for everyone's 65th birthday party from the class of 72 and then off to Iceland for a 4 days.  Drove back to Ohio and was good trip.  Stopped around Chicago to see Jane.  Good to connect with old friends.

Iceland was fun but didn't see the northern lights.  Walked around the town and saw a lot.  The trip around the "golden circle" was pretty cool. Saw the tectonic plates, geysers, some awesome waterfalls (large and small) volcano bowl.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

June - july updates grey wolf and camping with gus

Welcome to July 2019.

Been couple busy months.  Started out in June with getting ready for NYLT staffing - (National Youth Leader Training) down at Fred C. Anderson scout camp.  Had a great week - weather and camping. Overall was a successful week.

Deb, Gus and I went camping this past month.  Up to St. Croix State Park. That is a very good park and will be back this fall.  However, the time I picked to go seemed to be the week of the skeeter and biting flys. Now, I don't normally comment about how thick or bad the they are - lot of hair on the arms and tough skin i guess - but they were bad those days.  It was our first trip of the year and we took Gus along.  Things for the most part went well.  The two stall stand up tent I bought worked good. Had a extra zipper put in and works awesome.  Gus slept in his portable kennel we got him and for the most part it worked great.  He was quiet all night, even when I got up to go the the bathroom. Dam good dog for sure!  Deb's legs were really bitten up and Gus's stomach was as well. Both of them took some Benadryl and that seemed to help.  However, we headed home after one night.  Good thing too, the rains came that evening up there and would have been wet packing things up.

Been doing a lot of riding as well.  Mostly i head out up north but 211 miles for the month of June.  not too bad when you consider i was out for 11 days with scouts. 

This month up to 186 miles already and just the 20th. should surpass the 211 w/o issue.

Also started working with a company called emissary.  they work with folks that have left a company and match you with a client company in hopes one can help them get in the door so to speak. No personal references provided - but just contact info and how they do business.  So far, one engagement and maybe a another coming.  will see.

Whats next?  Heading to WI to support the RAW - ride across Wisconsin. going to take the trailer over Necedha as the rest stop is over by there.  I'll head over Wednesday, let them have the trailer all day Thursday and pick up Friday and then head out to the camp.   they are riding from la crosse to green bay - 225 miles in day.  the rest stop is only on Saturday so will head back that afternoon.

thats about about all for now -

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Where you been Jim ? What you doing?

So been a while - what have I been doing?

Hmmmm - good question and glad you asked.  So this retirement thing is ok - but have started to reach out to couple places.  One is a consulting company where I would provide insight into my previous employment - i.e. - BSC and help them understand how things are done. Not saying they are done the same way as in the past. I know there has been a lot of changes, but they reached to me.

Also have attend a few free seminars in town. Usually these are for Amazon and others (Vertias / EMC-Dell).  They are free and usually come with a free lunch or something. It's good to keep in touch with folks. One never knows when / if something comes along and it's always good to keep your contacts close.

Got a buzz cut at a Wild Game. They had a support fight cancer night.  For 20 bucks, you got a buzz cut and a new tuc. Can't beat that with a stick. So have been keeping the buzz cut going. Was bit chilly this winter, maybe let it grow out some this winter but love it right now in the summer months. Growing the grey back as I call it. Getting ready for GreyWolf and not a fan of shaving every day.  So, as I say, time to get my grey back on.  Will be interesting to see it with my new buzz do!

We got a dog! Well, we got a puppy in December and he is now a 8 month old puppy. His name is Gus - he's a rescue.  Supposedly the mother was a golden retriever, and the other parts are German Shepard, Malamute, Cattle dog and Yorkie.  The Yorkie part is the one that wants to jump on the your lap.  He is now 50 pounds and thinking he will settle into this size.  Deb is not sure about camping with a dog but then she never has been. Said she does not think folks should bring them. I disagree and Gus is coming. Not saying he will sleep in the teardrop but will figure something out.  Have been to two training sessions (2 x 8 weeks each) and he's doing pretty good. Still a 8 month old puppy (teenager) and I have already signed Gus and I up for the advanced.  Just need to continue to work with him.

We went to China (no we didn't take Gus) for 10 days.  Got to walk on the Great Wall - saw lots and lots - should write up a blog on just that.  Was good, fun and busy. Would we go again - yes.  Going to Iceland in December to see the Northern Lights. Should be fun, cold and dark.

Been cycling a lot - average about 200 miles a month right now.  Nice to get out and get 15 - 30 miles of riding in. Deb gets her yoga - I go cycling.  Otherwise, health, weight and exercise are good.

Still doing scouts this summer. Don't think I'll be SM or ASM next year.  Maybe help out as commissioner.  I did give up the equipment position with the GW committee.  It was time.  Ken will do fine job.  Also dropped the RT commissioner position - again - it was time for a changing of the guard.

Yep - got social security going, medicare and supplemental insurance taken care of. Even have  a small check from Raytheon each month (bonus $$ that wasn't expected).

Monday, September 10, 2018

Nike ad

Nike could have picked Tom Burnett. They could have picked Pat Tillman. They could have picked a lot of different folks for a lot of different reasons. They picked Kapernick. Why? I think part of the reason is the current events in this country. I also think that timing has a lot to do with it. Had the ad been released tomorrow (9/11) - they could have picked Tom Burnett. Closer to 11/11, maybe Pat Tillman. All I know is that they picked who they did and it has people communicating about it. Folks are beginning to realize that what we consider sacrifice is different for everyone. There are thousands of men and women that could be deserving of this ad. I agree with Melissa Waylan below - I support both. I also am glad to be in a country where protesting and voicing ones beliefs is an option and not a crime. Just like here - everyone had a different view and I respect that and glad we have a forum to present it. Thanks for letting express mine.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A hero, a queen and other ramblings

Well - let's see, mid-August was the last post so let's get caught up.

Did some more camping at the end of the month - headed up to Banning State park - nice little park along the Kettle river.  Went up on Sunday the 26th and came home on Wednesday 29.  Were able to do some hiking around the park - good park for that.  Got the first hike in Sunday evening before the rains came, then again Monday morning before even more rain came in. In fact rained so hard we ended up in the camper for most of the evening monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday were great.  got some good hikes in those days.  couple things we figured out the this trip - remember to pack the popup cover otherwise i won't have a cover for my side of the camper.  and that the bug cover for the picknic table is not water proof - bring something to either cover the table or figure out some sides for it.

met a fellow tuesday / wednesday that was cycling from richfield up to canada and back.  about 500 or so miles.  had a nice looking specialized road / touring bike with rear saddle bags.  good rei tent but not sure what other gear he had. from what i could see, he did not bring what I would have. i would have had booties and some rain pants and a helmet.  and could have used a shower that he camped right across from that night.  oh well - props to him for make the trip.  he was do back in richfield friday.

this past month we saw the queen of soul - aretha franklin pass and a true hero john mccain.  all i can say is there is a hell of band somewhere with all the folks that aretha is joining.  the music business will not be the same with her voice gone - but not forgotten.

senator john mccain passed also due to cancer.  he purposely planned his funeral to drive home a point of what our country should be like.  while i didn't agree with him at time i have the upmost respect for him in how he handled himself.  if he was wrong, he would admit it. he planned out the whole funeral and dismissed trump.  trump whined and went golfing - and tweeted the firkin day because he didn't have the respect to shut the pie hole up.

riding wise, got a few miles in this month.  155 or there about. not too bad but with it getting cooler thinking of trying to get more miles in this moth.  do have couple outings planned - up by st. cloud and then over in wisconsin.  should be good time.  also want to get the deck stained.

thats all for now

Friday, August 17, 2018

retirement? really?

August is been busy!  Who said retirement - take it easy - right.  So after getting the deck cleaned off last month and noticing the two post were rotting, I started into that.

Took a day to get the cedar wood I would need. Upon inspection, found that I would need to replace a couple of steps along with this. So got the cedar purchased and put into the shed.

Next day, I decided that I should at least take a look at what needed to be done and what was I getting myself into. Digging deeper, and prying up some wood - it soon became a day job for me that Sunday.  So what started out as just exploratory work, ended up with me getting the whole job done.  Started around 9:00 AM (after a 25 mile bike ride) and finished up around 7:30 PM with everything put away. Not too shabby if i say so myself.

Also on the list was painting the shed.  Found a flyer for LP smart side and got the colors chips to match as close as we could.  Then next day, we purchased the paint and primer and started on the shed. The raw wood sucked up the primer but the other boards were pre-primed and looked to take the paint pretty well.  The new thee days were spent painting our shed. Looks pretty good now that were are done.  Paint matches up pretty well if i don't mind saying so.

Next on the list was tackling the sprinkler system.  Soon realized that I was not going to take the back flow valve off by itself and so I cut the whole thing off. Turns out that was the right call.  Found the whole assembly that i cut off at Lowes - like i knew what I was doing. Soldered in the copper pipes and we have pressure!

Next was to tackle the sprinklers - -I soon found out that sprinkler maintenance / replacement is not my forte.  The heads I purchased to replace the bad ones were 1/2 inch and need to be 3/4 inch. Also discovered there was a leak in the line somewhere - so called a sprinkler company to come out.  Got the line replaced and five heads replaced as well.  Next they are coming out to move the heads so they don't hit the newly painted shed!

Riding ?  yep - doing that too - have about 120 miles in and its only mid month.

I also have taken upon myself to maybe do some consulting work.  Not sure yet but I'm looking ahead to the days when there is no way I can get 120 miles in a month.  I think some part time work would be good as it will keep everyone sane and happy around this house!

And who looks at this - as I don't do a good job of update this - here's what the stats show that I have folks from Europe, China, Australia,  and the US checking the blog out.  Mostly mac users, but some windows and linux as well.  Interesting anyway.  leave a note if you are viewing.

Monday, August 6, 2018

jpoj - working away the summer - july

getting things done!

got to go camping in the escape pod in july - first trip of the year with it. went to whitewater state park. was good trip. i booked the sunday to friday but weather was moving in on thursday of that week, so we moved out wednesday. i have put away enough wet gear in the past so i figured i didn't need to if we didn't have to.  it was nice place as there we not many if any skeeters but there were some gnats that got pesky.  the camper was great.  the air conditioner did its magic and made the camper nice and cool during the evening and days.  good sleeping weather.  picked up a fishing license why you ask?  always did just enjoy going out with dad fishing even it was just on the shore.  not a matter of catching the fish more a matter of just getting time to toss a line in the water and while away time.  was relaxing.  did a few hikes - white water has some very good and steep hills around there. we did one side of the valley one day, then the other side the next.  we then headed out to find a place where folks from Liechtenstein come to visit.  was about two and half miles back off the road but well worth the visit.  lots and lots of frogs jumping out along the trail.

also started working on stuff around the house.  got rid of some of the nylt stuff from the basement and have some ready for ken to take over.  yea - getting our basement back after about twelve years.  also started doing some work around the house. 

first on the list was washing down the deck.  that was a good day job. didn't scrub it as i thought i would, rather the water just took it off.  i still need to go back over it again and then stain it when it cools off.  but it does look pretty nice.  also noticed that the two main posts needed replacing.  so i put that on the list to do later in the month (actually august)

another 90 miles or so this month - better - not as good as last month but still getting out on the bike!